Vinyasa is translated to mean "arranging something".  In a Vinyassa yoga class students will combine breathe with a flow of poses.  

At Studio One we offer a range of Vinyassa classes that are more dependant on the teachers personality to bring style that is unique:

Yogasana Yoga

Yogasana is a powerful Vinyasa flow sequence accessible to all levels with a particularly strong focus on the breath. The postures are held for five breaths building focus and stillness in the mind as much as strength and flexibility in the body. Hannah Maria offers super detailed verbal instructions for getting into and transitioning through the postures, as well as plenty of options so the class is suitable for absolute beginners to advanced practitioners. She also uses physical assists and adjustments to support and deepen your practice. You'll feel challenged, restored, and ready to take on the rest of the day with ease and compassion. Yogasana will help you expand your Yoga off the mat as well as on it. Expect: community, philosophy, and awesome music!

Yin Yoga

Yin is a slower paced yoga, where students hold postures for set periods of time from 45 seconds to 5 minutes (depending on experience). Yin is not only a wonderful way to restore energy to the body, but it also helps to restore and heal. Aiding with energy flow, flexibility, and inner awareness. During postures the time is used to explain the movement and benefits or aid mindfulness practise through meditation.

Mandala Yoga

A Mandala is a geometric design, often circular, that symbolizes the universe. Based on the 4 basic elements - Fire, Water, Earth and Air - Mandala Vinyasa connects each element with a specific area of the body, integrating the spiral patterns that nature uses and exploring circular movements with our bodies, moving 360º around the mat. This energetic and varied class, creates fluid movements and utalises the mat in a whole new way to add a new perspective to your practise.