Class Schedule

At Studio One we embrace a healthy lifestyle and fitting this into a busy lifestyle.  We offer online support for clients, but believe that a class offers that sense of community whist allowing our expert teachers to help develop your practise or check your alignment.  


We offer a variety of small classes including yoga, fitness, and reformer.  Our small classes result in personal attention, results and  at great value. 

Studio One Islington Schedule


We offer a range of fitness classes that range from 45mins to 60mins

Classes from £10 each through membership or £14 a class via a class pack.



Yoga has so many forms.  At Studio One we want to ensure that you benefit from different practises from sweaty and challenging rocket yoga to a calm yoga nidra flow and mediation.

Learn more about yoga and styles here.

Enjoy classes or workshops with us.

  • Vinyasa Flow

  • Rocket Yoga

  • Restorative Yoga

  • Meditation

  • Quantum Yoga

  • Gong Bath

Class from £8 via membership and £12 via a class pack.



The practise of reformer pilates can change your life and help you through injury.  We offer both reformer and mat pilates in small and private classes.

We offer:

  • Reformer pilates

  • Pilates on the foam roller - to reduce stability and increase the challenge

  • Great for recovery from injury or pregancy

  • Amazing for building core and strength

  • Fun way to increase flexibility.

  • From only £14 a class via membership or £17 via class pack.