The Studio One Method

Sweat, Strengthen, Clarity

We strive to break down the barriers to a healthy life and our method will have you feeling strong, happy and healthy for the long-term. 

Many elements combine to achieve a long-term happy and healthy life.  One element can not be tackled alone and none are independent of each other.

The Studio One Method ethos is about balance in life, and seeks to help guide you by focusing on the following core principles.

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Physical and mental health makes us happy.  Health is related to what we eat, what we do, how we sleep and the environment we are in.

The Studio One Method incorporates multiple classes including yoga, pilates, boxing, barre, fusion classes and more to achieve your fitness goal.  It will help recovery from injury, aide health during  pregnancy as well as post natal. 

Mindfulness is incorporated into every class ensuring you leave stronger and with clarity of mind.


We are social beings, we need human interaction.  Relationships can bring us great happiness.  Being part of a community can bring us happiness from giving back and offering support to us.

he Studio One Method seeks to support a community spirit through small classes and studio life.  The elevated mood and clarity of mind created through exercise can also enhance your relationship outside of the studio - all elements are connected and enhance each other.

Studio One Islington is driven by a charitable promise, helping you give back to the local and wider community by simply coming to class.  That is one less thing to think about.


Obtaining clarity of mind can elevate more and reduce stress.  Some may call this mindfulness, we like to think of it as being present.  Learning to let go of the factors you can not control can liberate the mind, as well as understanding our purpose and our dreams.  To achieve this skill it involves taking time our of our busy schedules to uncluttered the mind.  This maybe through meditation, exercise, walking, taking time with the children, taking a long hot bath, it really does not matter as long as you take time and breathe.  

The Studio One Method incorporates mindful elements into all classes as well as dedicated meditation classes and clarity workshops.