Repair, Restore & Retrain

"I recently became a mother and my experience both in pregnancy and as a new mother has led me to design a studio and programme that I believe will work well for you" Alison - Founder Studio One Islington

We have teamed up with the amazing Eliza Flynn of Warrior Mum & Babies to offer classes that you can access at home or in studio.  

  • Baby Friendly Classes: We offer classes where you can happily bring the little one and rest them on your mat.  Join us every  Friday at 10am for Mum & Baby Yoga.
  • Childcare: We offer childcare at 10am on a Friday, so that you can join in our yoga class safe in the knowledge your child is safely being looking after.  Email us to find out more
  • Home training:  We know how hard it can be to get out sometimes so we send a trainer and nanny to your home so that you can stay healthy and still train with your favourite teacher in the comfort of your own home.  Email us for more information
  • Home videos: We offer a range of videos designed for use at home.  These videos will help to restore and heal the body bringing you back to full strength in mind and body.  See below for a sample.

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Pre and post natal assessment: For all our clients we offer an assessment.  We want you to feel confident in class, with the knowledge of how to adapt if needed.  Email us to arrange

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