Catch Seani’s Classes:


Mondays 5.30 - 6.30pm & 7.30 - 8.30pm

Thursdays 7.15 - 8.15pm

Seani Armitage

Seani was first introduced to yoga when she hesitantly attended a Vinyasa class at the request of a friend. She soon found it to be transformational for her confidence, self-belief and overall happiness. Witnessing her own development in practice reminded her that she was capable of achieving more than what she thought, both on and off the mat. 

After 2 years of constant practice, her love for yoga brought her to train with Michael James Wong and Emily Clare Hill at Frame Academy. Now, every class Seani teaches is built on her values of being authentic, supportive and encouraging as she focuses on building a connection with each student. Her favourite part of teaching is watching her students grow and she aims to bring the transformational aspect of yoga that she experienced to every one of her students practices...she wants to remind everyone of what they're capable of!