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Sandi's Classes


The Natural Mover

Sandi was introduced to Yoga in 2013 when she moved to London from Ireland.  Soon after that, she incorporated Yoga into daily life and embarked on her journey as a yogi. In 2017, she began training as a Yoga Teacher, in the hope to spread her love for Yoga, and to deepen her own understanding of the practice. 

Sandi's style is influenced by her love for fitness, Nature and healthy living. She teaches dynamic, creative flows that aim to cultivate more mind and body awareness. Her style combines lengthening expansive movements with strengthening holds, that will challenge you to push your limits, build strength, stability and leave you feeling open and balanced. 

Go with the flow and have fun with it! 

Trained in Ashtanga Vinyasa and Vinyasa 

Want to be trained by Sandi? Contact her at info@studioone.co to make a PT booking.