Our goal is to make fitness as accessible as possible. 
Therefore we have a variety of ways for you to get involved.

Our memberships are limited - we only sell 20 of any type to ensure that our members receive priority booking and access to their favourite classes.

We ensure our classes are great value, therefore you will find that we don't often have price offers - our prices are always the best we can do for you.  You will find our class size to price equals great value and a higher level of comfort and enjoyment for you.


Pay As You Go

Sometimes you just want to drop by for a class, no commitment, no hassle. 

Check out our Pay As You Go rates in the table below and pay us a visit. Book in studio or online through our Class Schedule at your convenience. 
Full T&Cs apply.


Studio One Card - great rates limited commitment

We all need flexibility sometimes, who knows what may come up. We understand that you don’t want to be locked into memberships or extensive packages; therefore we offer a flexible membership and access to amazing rates through our Studio One Card. Simply top up the card with a minimum of £50.00 each time and you will be able to keep accessing our best rates - easy! Book in studio or online at your convenience. 
Full T&Cs apply.


One Membership - Passionate about pilates?

Love pilates, we know what you mean.  We offer pilates only memberships just for you.  Get fit, have fun this is a great way to save too. Full T&C apply.


8 classes : £150/month

12 classes : £210/month


One Membership - Eyes only for Yoga?

We get it!  Take all the classes you want for just £89 a month.  The more you come, the cheaper it is.  Full T&C apply




Full Membership

If you love us as much as we love you, get serious! We offer incredible all inclusive memberships. We want to go steady with you. We recognise you have other commitments in your life and preferences when it comes to classes, therefore we have tailored our memberships for your convenience, just choose the membership option below that best suits your needs. 
Full T&Cs apply.


Enjoy everything we have to offer for free, and great discounts on extras. 



We know Reformer Pilates is not for everyone, therefore a half membership excludes reformers but still lets you enjoy all our other classes.




Reformer Pilates

Duration: 60 mins

Drop in: £25.00

Studio One Card: £20.00

One Membership Yoga: £20.00

Half Membership: £20.00

One Membership Pilates: FREE

Full Membership: FREE



Duration: 50–60 mins

Drop in: £15.00

Studio One Card: £11.00

One Membership Yoga: FREE

Full/Half Membership: FREE


Small Fitness Class
(Barre, Method, Boxing)

Duration: 45 mins

Drop in: £18.00

Studio One Card: £13.00

One Membership Pilates/Yoga: £13.00

Full/Half Membership: FREE