We all love eating!  Food is passion and joy.  The body needs food to operate fuelling us every day, body and mind.  Mindfully eating the right mix of food will ensure high energy levels, immune system, healthly hair, skin and mind.

We have simple beliefs when it comes food, no fads its all about long term healthy habits and choices.


The Studio One Method - Food Beliefs

We love eating!  Food changes your mood.  If you deny yourself something you will think about it more and more.  We believe that you can eat a healthy diet and small changes over time are key to successful long term success for you goals from weight loss to improving your health.

  • Be Mindful: Be aware of what you are eating, the choices you are making.  
  • Go Veggie: Don't panic, just one day a week.  Give your body a break.
  • Simple Meals: Don't eat fat and carbohydrates in the same meal.
  • Eat Natural: If it does not grow in the ground or have eyes don't eat it.  

Help Is At Hand

We are lucky to work with Anna Lise, our resident foodie.  Author, Cook, TV personality, Cookery School owner and Nutritionist Anna is an expert in all things food.  She will be catering events for us, working with clients to help guide and advise making eating a healthy balanced diet simple and convenient. 

Learn more about Anna.