Method Classes

We are leaders in combining high intensity training with Mindfulness.  The Method is our signature class that follows this very simple ethos.

What To Expect

The Method class is a constant flow to keep you in the zone.  Expect to sweat in a round of circuits that transition fluidly ensuring every moment in class is used efficiently.  Class ends with a well deserved relaxation to calm the body and mind.

Our expert teachers combine movements to tone, strengthen and blast fat.  

Combining pilates, barre, boxing and yoga moves this class is challenging but fun. 

All levels are welcome, each class is small in size and each move has variations to ensure all are welcome.

Try at Home

Get inside one of our famous signature Method Burn classes with this short trailer - feel the burn.

Types Of Class

The Method is an ethos and style.  Each teacher adds their own personality to the class.  Therefore expect to find a variation in classes:

  • Dynamic Strength: This is the perfect mix of mindful movement with strength building on the TRX.  
    • Taken by Marco he is a yoga master and demon on the TRX.
  • Blast:   Blast fat whilst creating space in your mind.  This class is perfect for city living as you sweat away the day and also find time to destress the mind and body leaving you with a sense of calm and achievement.  Taken by:
    • Emily is high intensity and expert in body weight training
    • Naomi is playful and bubbly creating a fun high energy routine
  • Burn: Feel that burn!  This class will leave your muscles screaming,  by combing lower intensity moves to tone but still incorporating cardio elements.  The flow creates a inner peace and calming of the mind distressing but sculpting the body.  Taken by
    • Hannah is a yogi and PT her passion for blasting fat without high impact leads to a challenging class that is easy on the knees