Catch Eliza's Classes:

Warrior Max - Wednesday 7:40pm

Warrior Mum & Baby - Friday 10am

Eliza Flynn

The Warrior Queen

Eliza thinks of herself as more than a Personal Trainer, as her classes also include exercises for the mind too, no matter how sweaty the class. Particularly interested in bodyweight exercises as well as working with mums on repairing, restoring and retraining post-natal bodies safely. 

Her ethos about health is a balance of smart exercise, a quality diet and respect for oneself. This last point is probably the most important, and in a nutshell it means taking time to work on strengthening and looking after your mind. After all, your mind is the driving force behind all your decisions and your body. 

Multi talented, as well as writing for online magazine, Healthy Living London, she enjoys obstacle course races (the muddier the better), boxing, DeRose Method, all sorts of food (but especially Asian) and spending time with her family.