Define Your Body

Welcome to your Daily Workout Programme.

Try this programme for 4 weeks then see, feel & flaunt the difference.

Mix up 3 sessions in Studio a week with our online videos for as little as £110.50.

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Blast it

Join a HIIT class to energise your week and blast fat.

Online: Grab this 20min workout video morning or night

In Studio:  Try our signature Method Blast class at 6:15pm

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Blast it

Online: Try a 10 minute Method Blast this morning or after work.

In Studio: Join us at 7am for an amazing signature Method Blast session

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Rest Day

Time to re-energise the body.  Slow things down and aim to heal with movement.  

Online: Try one of our relaxing yoga or meditation videos online.  A slow but powerful flow is still defining the body.

In Studio: Join us at 10am & 12noon for 

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Sculpt & Define

Online: Morning or evening 10 min burn session to define the body and sculpt you to perfection.  Target specific areas with this amazing online workout.

In Studio: Try 6:45am Barre Sculpt or 6:30pm Method Burn.

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Sculpt & Define

Tone and define with this challenging class.

Online: Grab this 20min burn workout before work and feel great all day.

In Studio: Join us at 7am or 6:30pm for Barre Sculpt and see the change.

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Rest the body, challenge the mind.  Try some meditation to energise the mind and de-stress helping to reduce cortisol and help with weight loss.

Online: Try our meditation session this morning or evening, just 5 mins is all it takes.

In Studio: We offer short meditation at the end of all of our classes, but try Sunday's yoga & meditation for dedicated practise, 4pm.

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Rest Day

Rest the muscles you always use, work the smaller groups.

Online: Try one of our yoga classes to make you sweat and challenge a new set of muscles.

In Studio: Try our Yin & Yang Yoga at 7am or 6:30pm



Your Choice

Your mood can vary each week and therefore listen to your body.  Feel energetic, go for it.  Need something lower paced can still be effective and therefore burn it.

Online: Try a workout you have never done before.

In Studio: You can choose form a variety of classes today depending on how you feel.  Blast, Burn or Align today from 9:15am.