The Key to a Healthy Lifestyle?

Sound strange?  Expect the answer to be a diet or fitness tip?  The biggest success I have ever had is when I let go of fads, became aware of what I was doing and started to take time for myself.

That is why we created The Studio One Method an ethos to a long-term healthy life, ensuring achievable goals and balance through the creation of long term healthy habits.  No fad diets, just balance.


In a life that is becoming more stressful through technology that facilitates a faster paced life, using exercise to heal the mind and body is proven.   There are wonderful spokes people who have put their stories on social media and into the public eye that help the public understand the benefits, but they are not alone with their issues.  That is what motivated Sarah and I to open Studio One.  We are real people who had health issues that we cured by adopting a healthy way of life and obtaining balance. What did we learn? You can not simply change your food or exercise in isolation, it is a combination effect.  You have to address the mind and body together to create healthy long term habits.


The Studio One Method


Central to the success of The Method is being aware.  Some maybe more familiar with mindfulness, a term that is overused but everyone recognizes.   


By being aware of what we are eating and doing, we take responsibility and make healthier choices.  We stop feeling guilty, we start focusing on what we are doing and believe it or not this has a knock on effect to weight loss, decision


How does mindfulness come into a healthy life?  Every element.  We believe you need to be mindful about what you eat, be aware.  We have embedded mindfulness into every workout we offer including a new fusion class.  Finally we have a little booklet that we give clients which is a diary to create some new mindful habits, from making one small change a month and writing it down.  Every day focusing on 3 elements of their life they are grateful for which helps to encourage a healthier mindset to exercise.


To support this we believe we need to embrace how people now approach life, which is online, at home and in studio.  There is so much material available online that it is easy to undertake all kinds of workouts, but they are typically unregulated.  Therefore in the new year we are pulling everything together for clients and will be offering “catch up TV” streams of classes, “on demand” at home workouts that support studio classes and then we have the selection of classes in the studio. This therefore means that they have a holistic and convenient way to support a long term healthy life.


Give It A Go


At home, online, in studio


·      Make one small change a month – write it down/tell someone

·      Be aware of what you eat and how you move

·      Be grateful everyday – tell someone everyday what you are grateful for


This ethos will change your life forever.   Each component is dependent on the others for success, but this is a winning combination.


A small change could be researching fitness classes, studios, flying a kite, booking a holiday you always wanted….whatever the change it is a trigger to committing to a change.   One change tends to trigger others and by telling someone you are more likely to do it – try it.


By being aware of what you eat and how you move, you are taking ownership of your actions,  you notice and stop and take the time to see.  This has knock on effects to performance, knowledge, weight loss, reductions in stress and general mental well being as we take some time out from every day to focus on other elements. This enables clarity of thought, creativity, endorphin rush, enhanced mood and better decision making.


Finally being grateful.  The simplicity of this one is mind blowing, but it is proven to change the way we think and ultimately sometimes to make new good habits we need to change elements of our outlook.  I found that practicing gratitude changed my relationship with myself, my life, my job, my partner, family and friends.   It may seem silly, or pointless, but it really does change your outlook on life and starts a whole new approach to thinking.


Over the next few months we will be supporting you to make healthy decisions and maintain a longterm healthy lifestyle.  We believe that the new way to health is at home, online and in studio.  Everyone is busy, but the social element of coming to class, the community support and hands on help you can receive is still central to success.  Therefore we have developed online videos to support classes, we are streaming classes in case you miss them and we have all our great classes in the studio - PLUS MORE in 2017 as we add to the schedule.


Come in studio – speak to us – or watch online to learn more.  Follow us on Instagram @studioone or sign up for our news letter below to hear more. x


Photo: George Baxter Photography