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Class Review: Real Men Do Barre! (Dance and Pilates Class)

Men love to build muscle and run - do manly things.  "Manly things" is not the typical phrase you would hear in a barre studio......well you would in ours.

The fitness regime of a man can focus primarily round weights and cardio, very open their minds to the benefits offered from other forms of fitness.  This is not a rant, this is an observation that men like weights and football not dance and yoga. 

Whilst I continue my campaign to get my boyfriend into the studio to take a yoga or barre class our very own boxing instructor Simon Collins rushed past me, quick as a whippet into Rosie's Barre class.  


"I wanted a workout that challenges me and improves my flexibility, barre offered me this and so much more.  It improved my posture, targeted every muscle group, it was low impact and fun!"


Given the way he looked afterwards, I would also say it was quite sweaty!  He needed to sit down for 15mins after.

Barre - classes 7am, lunchtime and evening - see our schedule here.

Class Review: Pilates Girl Gone Yogi

Class Review: Challenging and Playful Yoga. Sunday 10am

"So here’s the thing about me, I’m a Pilates girl! "


I practice some form of Pilates pretty much everyday, whether it’s a 10 minute YouTube after a run or session with our Rosie on the Mat or Reformers (see Ali’s review on Rosie’s Barre class!). I desperately want to be good at Yoga, but as yet my knees don’t seem to agree. I wobble, I fall and if I’m honest I feel like a champion when I make it to Savasana at the end (my favourite part)! So I was delighted when Shaun’s first comment in our class was ‘lets just have fun with this’, immediately it took the pressure off trying to be a wobble free “Yogi”.


Shaun splits his practice into three parts, warm up, dynamic flow and Savasana. He starts off understanding your practice, and adapting the style to suit everyone’s level. After warm up we go into the all body work out flow, which goes by in a flash and makes you feel powerful and strong. Your arms, core and legs and challenged throughout the flow. Your downward dog is perfected and your salutation to the sun is nailed by the end of the flow session. Your planks are a breeze and easing down with your butt in the air makes you look and feel like a Yoga pro!!


So after all of your hard work, Shaun rewards us with our relaxation. The point of relaxation is not to fall asleep (we’ve all heard a little snore!), but is to cleanse the mind. Shaun comes over and puts light pressure on your shoulders to ease your body into relaxation with the soft scent of tiger balm to enhance your Savasana.


All in all I left feeling like I could tackle Yoga, I was both strong in mind and body and I loved the fun element which Shaun brought to our class. If you’re an experienced Yogi, challenge yourself with Shaun, if you’re a wannabe Yogi like me let Shaun guide you and build your confidence.


See you on the Mat!


Sweaty – 3

Strength – 4

Mindfulness - 4


Class Review: Booty and Core Barre, Beats

"Choosing a class can be so difficult, so I have taken them all for you and I am writing you a review as to what to expect and why to take the class.  Hopefully this will make your bookings easier and time with us more enjoyable." - Love Ali x

Ok so straight up I have a girl crush on Rosie. Not only is she stunning, funny and intelligent she is also super fit and healthy.  She is a total contradiction, as her energy is infectious (sometimes annoying – how is she always so perky?!? grrr) yet her presence is very calming.  She has an intuitive understanding of her clients and their needs.


Rosie has a clear love for health and Kanye West.  This she brings to her classes.   I thought Barre would be graceful and repetitive.  Toning whilst lengthening.  Jeeez was I wrong.  Rosie has created a unique signature style for us at Studio One, cleverly bringing together elements of yoga, pilates and dance to create a very sweaty but fun class.    


I felt so uplifted and laughed quite a bit throughout, however this could be me feeling a little self conscious that I am super unco-ordinated and graceful.    The class has a yoga style flow, we transitioned from sequence to sequence seamlessly.  The beat of the music is used to get you familiar with a movement, before BOOM the pace quickens and really start to move.


This is a move away from classic Barre.  It is faster paced, extremely efficient in the use of time and working out each muscle.  The elements of yoga result in a really enjoyable flow.  Whilst faster paced it is a fantastic workout for all levels.  No previous knowledge is needed.  You will be missing out if you don’t try it.  Definitely don’t underestimate it!


Sweaty – 5

Strength – 3

Mindfulness - 1