Class Review: 360 Mandala Flow Class

We love Mandala as it is a spiritual flow class to awaken serenity within, and further experience moments of equanimity and stillness.

As we introduce more types of yoga to students through guest teachers and FitFridays, we hope that it will help to show you how much yoga has to offer everyone.  

Mandala yoga will feature at our next FitFriday event, so learn a little more about it below.

What is Mandala Yoga?

The word Mandala comes from the Sanskrit word circle. A symbol of community, healing, and connection with the universe. Through centuries Mandala practice has been used as a sacred symbol for meditation.

This colourful practice guides you through the awakening of the body both physical and mental. By creating body awareness, it will rectify the imbalance of life bringing harmony and depth into one’s soul.


By awakening the body through movement around the mat with 360 Mandala Flow we aim to deliver you with multiple benefits that once can incorporate into daily life.

Relaxation – Through discovery of the breath you’ll learn to unwind and rest.

Happiness – The key to happiness is when you take time for yourself and learn to love your surroundings.

Space – Will learn how to separate the demanding city life to create balance and space through your everyday journey.

Tickets are selling fast, so reserve your spot on the mat now.

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Product Review: Natural Skincare

Product Review: Natural Skincare

As I sit here with Lani oil in my hair and my face smelling of gorgeous Neroli flower (from the oodles of Brit Oil) , I may sound a state but I am having the time of my life.  What else is January for if not a bit of indulgence?


As a city worker, new mum and modern gal, I totally abuse my skin.   I don’t have a lot of spare time and as a result my skin care suffers.  In line with The Studio One Method Change Challenge,  one of my small changes for the new year is to make sure that I not only looked after my body but also my skin.   First step….find the best products