Class Review: Booty and Core Barre, Beats

"Choosing a class can be so difficult, so I have taken them all for you and I am writing you a review as to what to expect and why to take the class.  Hopefully this will make your bookings easier and time with us more enjoyable." - Love Ali x

Ok so straight up I have a girl crush on Rosie. Not only is she stunning, funny and intelligent she is also super fit and healthy.  She is a total contradiction, as her energy is infectious (sometimes annoying – how is she always so perky?!? grrr) yet her presence is very calming.  She has an intuitive understanding of her clients and their needs.


Rosie has a clear love for health and Kanye West.  This she brings to her classes.   I thought Barre would be graceful and repetitive.  Toning whilst lengthening.  Jeeez was I wrong.  Rosie has created a unique signature style for us at Studio One, cleverly bringing together elements of yoga, pilates and dance to create a very sweaty but fun class.    


I felt so uplifted and laughed quite a bit throughout, however this could be me feeling a little self conscious that I am super unco-ordinated and graceful.    The class has a yoga style flow, we transitioned from sequence to sequence seamlessly.  The beat of the music is used to get you familiar with a movement, before BOOM the pace quickens and really start to move.


This is a move away from classic Barre.  It is faster paced, extremely efficient in the use of time and working out each muscle.  The elements of yoga result in a really enjoyable flow.  Whilst faster paced it is a fantastic workout for all levels.  No previous knowledge is needed.  You will be missing out if you don’t try it.  Definitely don’t underestimate it!


Sweaty – 5

Strength – 3

Mindfulness - 1