Class Review: Quantum Yoga

"Ro is such an amazing teacher, supportive and challenging.  There is something very special about her."  Quantum Yoga Client


There are so many types of yoga that it can be very difficult for us every day people to understand the difference between them.  We struggle and we own a fitness studio.  


Quantum Yoga is special, the practice is both challenging and has an inner beauty that calms the mind.  The overall result you leave feeling toned, happy and well...just in balance.   


We asked Ro, our Quantam teacher to help us understand more about this enlightening practise.


Quantum Yoga is a dynamic flowing exercise suited to ones own individual needs. It’s a yoga path that resonates with your personal requirements at all times and balances you inner nature, to bring you into a state of greater harmony with the environment.


It is a spiritual system that adopts the holistic approach to health from the ancient Indian healing science of Ayurveda, whilst embracing the modern insights of Quantum Physics to maximize one’s power of conscious manifestation.


Quantum Yoga derives its name from the many links between the ancient wisdom of yoga and modern science, in particular quantum physics. The basic insight that you manifest your reality is taken to its logical conclusion. If yoga is to become a truly transformational practice, the most important thing is to cultivate awareness, hone one’s skill to really listen in, take responsibility for one’s own well-being and act accordingly using the tools that Quantum Yoga provides. The result is a healing, conscious, intelligent, empowering, creative and sacred practice that leads to self-realisation. Through focusing on one’s true nature and listening out for the inner voice of wisdom, one pierces through to a universal dimension that connects us all. Yoga means union.


As a teacher Ro brings her own unique approach to Quantum Yoga. Her classes are dynamic, playful and always support the vibe of the students in the class. She loves to keep classes intimate and personal, providing verbal and hands on adjustments when needed. Expect uplifting vibey music throughout class and a long relaxation at the end to rejuvenate.  

Join her Monday - 7pm and Wednesday - 5:30pm


Sweaty - 3

Strength - 3

Mindfulness - 5