Product Review: A Potion to Make Healthy Lifestyles That Little Bit Easier

Studio One is all about promoting beauty from within, a one stop hub for all things active and healthy.


Wanting the best for our clients we have been on the hunt for the next big wellness product. A chance to make your life healthier, easier and more beautiful. After countless tests, we’ve found a solution for all our hair and beauty woes!


Introducing to you Potion London, A London-based brand focusing on health and beauty supplements specifically designed to include exactly what your body needs for hair growth, anti-aging, healthy bones and muscles!


Let’s be honest, we all crave the same things happiness, love, and a healthy regime! Potion London promises just that with their highly-infused formula vitamin ingredients.


After trying the Beauty Formula supplement package for a total of two months I can confirm the quality and overall look of my hair + nails have improved. I have noticed substantial growth in my hair but most importantly my hair feels nourished from the inside out. Slight improvement on my skin, and it seems my nails have become stronger.


Along with improving your overall health and beauty we can confirm the product does not break the bank! It’s more affordable than several other beauty vitamins out there. As Potion London offers you more product per jar with a total of 60 tablets, promising better results for a substantial longer period. It’s also hard to resist the brand when it does not cost the earth!


The full Potion London range:

·       The Probiotic £30

·       The Bone Formula £25

·       The Beauty Formula £25

·       Eat Your Greens £30

·       Collagen Boost £30

·       The Hyaluronic Complex £30


All in all, we are certain after trying this product it will become a cult classic in your drawer.

You can buy these feel-good treats on their site at


Making your day a little brighter, place code ‘STUDIO20’ before checkout and receive 20% off your purchase!



Bless you Potion London for helping us enhance our natural beauty inside and out.