Product Review: Natural Skincare

Product Review: Skin & Tonic Natural Skincare


I literally wake up looking forward to putting Brit Oil on my face.  I am obsessed with it, the smell, the way it makes my skin feel and radiate.


As I sit here with Lani oil in my hair and my face smelling of gorgeous Neroli flower (from the oodles of Brit Oil) , I may sound a state but I am having the time of my life.  What else is January for if not a bit of indulgence?


As a city worker, new mum and modern gal, I totally abuse my skin.   I don’t have a lot of spare time and as a result my skin care suffers.  In line with The Studio One Method Change Challenge,  one of my small changes for the new year is to make sure that I not only looked after my body but also my skin.   First step….find the best products


Step 1 –  What makes  a product the “best”?


For us, it is:


·      Great results

·      Good value

·      Ethical, organic and cruelty free

·      Socially responsible


It’s a tall order.  If we could also find a brand that was local and small then we would get very excited.


Ok I may have accidentally just sniffed a few of the products again – I have a problem I can’t help myself!


Step 2 – Test the products


Over the past 3 weeks I have gone totally natural with my skin care, I have simplified and I have done as the experts at Skin & Tonic advise.


When we met the team we loved their passion and energy for their products, they want to make your daily skincare routine a joy!  They did have high standards: “You exfoliate twice a week….don’t you?” erm….no?  Ekkkkk.


Skin and Tonic is a local brand, based in Hackney and set up by a ex Neal Yard aromatherapy expert.  The products are simple only using 7 ingredients, natural, cruelty free and organic.  They also smell insane! 


I wanted a routine that would be effective but simple, therefore I was told to use:


·      Cleanser – Steam Clean £27

·      Toner – Rose Mist £20

·      Exfoliator – Gentle Scrub £18

·      Face Mask – Coco Mask £22

·      Face Oil – Brit Oil £28


5 Minute Speedy Night time Skincare Routine:


·      Time to cleanse, I pop on Steam Clean Cleanser, leave it to work its magic

·      Clean teeth , may as well multi-task

·      Take off cleaner and pop a little Gentle Scrub power into my palm.  Mix with a small amount of water for a gorgeous scrub.  Other days I pop a little Coco Mask power in my palm instead.

·      Rinse face and tone with Rose Mist

·      Finally I treat myself with a few drops of Brit Oil to repair my skin overnight


Within a couple of days I started to notice that I wanted to go exfoliate, I wanted a face mask and my skin was clear and had a new radiance to it.    The routine that I was sticking to was forcing me to make time for myself and the products with their great small was a little luxury after a busy day.  They were helping to calm and softening my skin as they promised.   


The routine was simple and easy to stick to,   the effect was instant and more importantly there was an element of mindfulness, meditation even in having this evening ritual for me.  I am now associating relaxing after a day with a Coco Mask or Rose Gentle Face Scrub. I am finding excuses to pop a little more Brit Oil on my face….this has to be a good thing.


As the weather gets colder, I decided to pick up a new Rose Lip Balm as I do suffer from dry lips.  This is the BEST lip balm I have every used!  I don’t have any dry lips anymore.  Enough said on this one really.


Overall I feel the products are gorgeous, I can wear no make up with confidence that my skin won’t let me down.  They are natural and I really believe we don’t want to be putting chemicals on our faces or in our bodies when we can avoid it.   They are true to their marketing offering simple, good value solutions to skin care without scrimping on the luxury of design.  The natural ingredients make them smell divine and they are really simple to us – give them a go.  We have a limited range now in Studio.  We have testers on offer in the studio have a little sniff.


Ps: My daughter (18 mths) loves the Calm Balm.  She walks around sniffing it and offering it to all visitors.  The beauty of the products is as they are natural I have the confidence that she can have this on her temples with no nasty side effects.


Main Products Tested Detail


Steam Clean £27     Fresh smelling with a menthal and eucalyptus oils, this cleanser lifts dirt from the face and helps bring tired skin back to life. 


Gentle Scrub             £18     This delicious Rose and pink clay scrub makes you feel special whilst detoxifying the skin.  Can be used as a mask as well.


Coco Mask    £22     When your skin need a pick me up, this coconut, lavender and Kaolin clay mask plumps nourishes.


Rose Mist      £20     This hydrating and balancing pick me up, smells so divine you will be spraying away all the time.  It is so addictive someone stole our changing room bottle from the studio!  They just had to have it.


Brit Oil          £28     I actively wake up just to use this product.  A delicate serum packed with antioxidents and omegas its minimizes fine lines and encourages cellular function whilst smelling like a summer day.


Rose and Natural Lip Balms         £3.25  This is the best lip balm I have ever used.  Even my daughter loves it.  So moisturizing, so long lasting and great value.


We loved Skin & Tonic so much, we started to sell them in the Studio.  Pick up your Skin and Tonic products in Studio now!