Yoga - the perfect hangover cure!

Hangover Yoga!


If you've ever overindulged on a night out, you'll be most familiar with that unpleasant feeling that  sometimes follows the next morning.

Unquenchable thirst, dizziness and extreme stiffness in the joints are just a few side effects that will probably have you declaring giving up alcohol for the unforeseeable future.

There are little things you could do to ease the symptoms of course and practicing a bit of gentle yoga can do wonders for your wellness, mood and productivity for the day. We are now also very excited to introduce a new class designed especially to help you feel more like yourself!

Our Lazy Sunday Yoga is strategically timed to start at noon which will allow you to take your time with waking up and then making the most of your day after class. Expect a slower placed flow with deep nourishing stretches, and detoxifying twists & breathing exercises.

There will be just the right amount of strength and stamina work to make you feel like you’ve had a productive work out too.

Drink water or some our awesome shots, take this class and leave feeling right as rain !  

See you on the mat x