Class Review: Candlelit Yoga

The beauty of candlelit yoga…


If, like me, you are a big believer that in order to have a healthy body you need a healthy mind too then this class is for you! Don’t get me wrong, I am the first person to sweat it out at a boxing class and push my plank on the TRX, but I am equally as committed to my mind as well as my body.


My sister and I started a daily ritual to be mindful for what we are grateful for. We created a WhatsApp group just for the two of us called “Our Gratitude Diary”. This end of day reflection and positivity is the undertone of our candlelit yoga.


Victoria, our beautiful yoga teacher, combines both yoga moves with mindful practice. She fills the room with the glow of our warm candles, and the scent of lavender to relax the mind and body. Working through our warrior, downward dogs and chakaranga, we take time to focus the mind while we practice. The body feels stretched and toned while the pace is perfect for an end of day class. Our lavender eye masks are perfect for the meditation practice, allowing you to block out any candlelight and breathe in the cleansing scents to truly focus. The concept of meditation isn’t to fall asleep (many of us do!), but to truly understand and practice the art of clearing the mind. Training yourself to not think about anything, and like any form of practice, it takes time to improve.


At Studio One, we genuinely believe in looking after ourselves from top to bottom and we want to help you do this, so most evenings we offer a candlelit practice to bring you out of the cold and to end your day with positive energy. My favourite workout is the mind, if it’s happy and healthy your body will follow…


See you on the mat!


Sarah xoxo