Achieving Happiness

We all want to feel good about ourselves. That maybe in the way we look, feel, energy levels, skin everyone is different. When we don’t feel at our best it has a knock on effect to our lives through mood, eating habits, relationships and life decisions.

My sister and I, like many of you, suffer daily with self confidence and wanting to do the right thing but having busy lives that can affect what we eat, how long we sleep and how often we can get to a class or exercise. At the heart of Studio One our goal is simply to make you happy.

As the weather starts to heat up (I hope!), the sun will start to enhance our moods and this is a great to to set a new goal. This goal should be realistic and achievable. In setting the goal, we must remember we are all individual and different. We have seen this week that food is proven to affect each of us differently, this can affect our weight, energy levels and even sleep. Therefore listening to your body and giving it what it needs is essential.

We want to help you with your goals and we are doing this in many ways:

  1. Trainers who care and want to help - speak to you trainer for insights and tips

  2. Different classes to support your mood and goal

  3. Private classes for those who want focused attention and help achieving your own goals

  4. New app - launching soon for not only ease of booking but also so we can send you personal messages to help you on your personal fitness journey

I can honestly say that every day I think about doing more exercise, I plan to make a juice in the morning, I think about drinking more water….thinking is one step in the right direction, getting a bottle and putting it on my desk makes me go fill and then drink it, booking a class ensures I attend, throwing out all the crisps stops me eating them, these small changes in behaviour help achieve success.

Now I need your support, lets work together to make this summer the best yet. Achieve something you have always wanted to, thrive off the energy we create in the studio and live life to the happiest and fullest.