Studio Diary: Get a Tan and Great Abs This Summer

I love summer holidays!  They are such a great time to kick back, soak up the vitamin D, enjoy good food, company and rest.


We all know how important sleep and rest are for the body, enabling us to repair and reset – so technically we are actually keeping healthy by going away.  Mix in the vitamin D, essential for a great mood as well as for our bodies to operate and the justification to a 2 week break on an island is compete.


Whilst I am hanging out, I do like to still challenge my body and whilst others may do yoga round the pool I find myself using what is around me to develop workouts.


As I am sat by the pool, I work out my core.  It is such a fab place to experiment with core workouts as if you hang your legs over the pool you can’t cheat.  Here are a few of my favourite moves that I do every day. 


3 simple moves to keep the core tight while you get a tan:


  • Straight leg rises: Sit with your bottom to the edge of the pool and legs over the water.  With legs straight lie down engaging the core.  Slowly lower and raise each leg without hitting the water. 
  • Toe dips: Lying in the same position, core engaged bend your knees to 90 degrees.  Now slowly lower each toe to the water and lift back up.  Repeat with the other leg.
  • Bicycles: In the same position on your back with your core engaged put both legs out over the water straight.  Bend one leg at the knee and draw into the stomach, then push back straight as you bring the other leg into your body. 


Feel the burn! - Ali xxx


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