Recipe: Meat Free Monday

Meat Free Monday: Pizza


We all love pizza and there are so many healthy versions around from cauliflower to spelt.


I always think that the starting point to a healthy pizza is making it yourself.  Not only are they yummy and the flavours really pop, but they are cheap.


Here is the recipe for a simple pizza, you can pop on it whatever you want.  There are still a few elements that we may now think are bad for us, but sometimes being a little naughty is fun.  One small change is making it yourself.


You can make everything in advance the day before and then just put it together when you get home.


It is a cheat day treat, and so much better then a take away.    


To make 2 large pizzas




·      2 ¾ cups flour – I like spelt or wholemeal flour.  Note if you use the heavier flour you will need to add a little more yeast to make the dough fluffy.


·      2 teaspoons of yeast – use appropriate for either a breadmaker or fast acting for hand baking.


·      1 tablespoon sugar – this will activate the yeast and you need it.


·      1 teaspoon sugar


·      1 tablespoon butter, melted


·      1 cup warm water



If you havea breadmaker you can pop the ingredients in and leave it on a dough setting.  It usually takes 1.5hrs to complete.  This will be different for each breadmaker.


If making by hand then put all the dry ingredients into a bowl, then slowly add in the butter and water to make a dough.  Take our of the bowl and fold over a few times to make into a smooth ball.  Pop back into the bowl and cover.  Leave for an hour to rise.


For the top


A classic tomato sauce.


·      1 pack of tomatos on the vine

·      2 sticks celery

·      1 onion

·      1 clove garlic

·      1 tin tomatos

·      1 25g bag fresh basil


Finely chop the onions and garlic and pop into a pan with some olive oil.  Fry these off and then add the celery.  Slowly add the fresh tomatos.  When they go soft add in the tin of tomatoes and basil.


Simmer the sauce until it is not too watery, this is important as too much liquid will make the pizza base soggy.


(I sometimes like to add some spinach at the last minute for extra vitamins and iron)


Assemble – FUN TIME


Take any toppings you want..  Get ready for the fun bit.


Take a pizza tray base (they have holes in) or a normal ovan tray and grease well.  We like to use butter.


Roll out the pizza dough to the desired thickness, deep pan or thin. 


Thinny spread over the tomato sauce and throw on your toppings.


Cook for around 15-20mins till the cheese is brown




Happy munching. x