Studio Diary: Mindful Moments

Our retreat last Sunday focused on Mindfulness, but what even is Mindfulness? We thought we would share what it means to us here at Studio One, and how you can incorporate it into your everyday life, using some of our favourite products.


So What is Mindfulness?


Mindfulness is the practice of being present and in the moment, being attentive and present in your own thoughts and feeling as well as what is going on in the world around you. Exercise is an extremely useful tool to bring yourself down into the present moment, focus on your body and your mind in the now.


On Sunday 15th October we held our first Mindful Retreat here at Studio One and we were very lucky to have several brands sponsor our event, here's how you can use each product to bring yourself into the present moment and incorporate the idea of mindfulness into different parts of your daily routine.




How often do you pay attention to the smells around you? Or how often do you even incorporate smells into your every day life to allow yourself some relaxation? Scentered have created six incredible scents to suit varying parts of your week, from needing to focus, to struggling to get off to sleep, Scentered have a balm or candle just for you. Their scented balms take away the issue of wanting to use essential oils but being foiled by how darn impractical they are, so you can take your little balm of mindfulness around with you in your bag to bring out at any time. Our favourite is the Escape balm, allowing you to remove yourself out of the constant craziness of everyday life and take a moment just for you.



With kombucha being insanely popular in the US, Jarr Kombucha saw a gap in the UK market and decided to bring the bottles of goodness to us here! With antioxidants to help fights inflammation, reducing disease and cell stress, as well as high levels of probiotics, amino acids and enzymes this drink is genuinely GOOD for you. Nutrition is such a huge part of mindfulness, our gut plays a huge part of regulating the body as well as affecting anxiety and stress, so it's a big deal and naturally anything that's good for the gut, will in turn be good for the body.

Moving on to something a little more well know, protein. There is still such a huge stigma that if women have too much protein, they will get bulky. This is not the case, and it's so important to refuel yourself after a workout. That's why we love Missfits Nutrition, coming in easy to carry sachets this female nutrition brand brings you delicious protein powders (both vegan and whey), with digestive enzymes to help you digest the protein easily as well as having no sugar, so you know that you are only providing your body with the good stuff.



The mindfulness and attention to what you put into your body also extends to what you put on your skin. We have had a long standing partnership with Skin & Tonic, mainly because their products are amazing, but also because they are certified organic, have a maximum of 7 ingredients, and look and feel good when we use them! Grabs yours in studio now!



The benefits of meditation seem to be endless, with a regular practice you can reduce stress, improve your concentration, increase yoru self-awareness and happiness, it can also slow down the aging process of the brain and if you're an IBS sufferer, meditating has been shown to relieve IBS and IBD symptoms! We suggest waking up just ten minutes early, grabbing a mug of Made by Caro B Meditea, settling yourself somewhere peaceful for 5-10 minutes the morning before you start your day.

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Mindful Treats


We firmly believe in treating yourself here at Studio One, but just think about what your treat is going to be, make sure it's something that will benefit you, you can always go for chocolate, our favourite brand is Loving Earth, or perhaps you might prefer to treat yourself to a new pair of workout leggings (did someone say Sweaty Betty?), whilst giving yourself those little gifts is important, it's also important to be aware of the impact it's going to have on you. Are you going to feel good after this treat, is it going to add to your day?

And there you have it guys, some nice easy tips on how to create some Mindful Moments for yourself!