Product Review: A Deliciously KIND Movement



We believe in being kind to each other, our bodies and our world in which we live.  When we can combine all theseat the same time, we get very excited.

In a busy world, where we are always rushing from one thing to the next, knowing what to grab before or after a workout can be tough.  Learning from our friends over seas is a great way to learn of new brands and tips for a healthy life.  This week we look to America whose number 1 healthy snack is KIND to our body and delicious.

This grown up, healthy delicacy, as snack really does not do it justice, is a great way to fuel the body at any time of the day.


Wholesome, plant based, low in sugar and GI is a great combination .  We then look to the flavours which are insanely good: 


·      Maple Glazed Pecan and Sea Salt

·      Caramel Almond and Sea Salt

·      Almond and Coconut

·      Dark Chocolate Mocha Almond


Too good to be true that this is a healthy snack – right?


·      40% less sugar then similar bars

·      healthy fats, great for the heart and skin

·      Whole, natural ingredients great for fibre

·      Great source of energy

·      Good source of protein

·      Gluten free

·      Dairy free


Lets make the world a KINDer place.