Studio Diary: Fitness with Ethics and Style

Our first month has been amazing,  thank you everyone for your support and kind words.  We love that you love the studio.  It is a dream come true. 


When Sarah and I first envisage the studio, we wanted to create a place of community, where everyone felt comfortable to try new practices and ultimately get fit.  We knew convenience was of upmost importance to everyone and ultimately we wanted the space to feel light and modern.  Our final aim was to offer good value from our classes so cost would not be a barrier to health.


Juggling all these desires plus weaving in social responsibility has been a challenge, we have risen to this challenge and Studio One has opened its doors!


We have been over whelmed by the support everyone has offered, thank you.  Please come and try classes, meet the team and give us feedback.  We offer a studio for real people, we care what you think and want.


Every week we are going to try and offer some insight into the studio, classes and funny tales through this blog/newsletter.  Keeping you up to date on exciting developments and of course the gossip!


We know fitness classes can be daunting and confusing.  We have titles that help members understand what maybe involved in the class, and we are developing a scale to show visually how much you may sweat, build strength or focus on mindfulness.  To develop this, we have to take the classes.  All of them!    To put you in the picture, we may own a fitness studio but I am also a new mum and worker bee so I unlike my fit and sassy instructors I have to work at it.    Sarah is fitter, but still likes a Chinese and FroYo. You can rest assured the classes are tested and designed for your specific needs.  


We have lots planned over the coming months, developing out the schedule further, adding guest classes, workshops and retreats.  Please always feel like you can chat to us, give us your ideas and  insights we value them all.


See you on the mat - Ali and Sarah x