Class Review: Mindful Meditation and Yoga Nidra

Meet Kristine, our yoga therapist.  She believes strongly in the powers of healing yoga offers, taking a meditation class to calm her mind and inner self.  Lucky for us she wrote a little review, providing insight to those who always wondered what a mediation class would involve.  Think its sitting crossed legged while chanting? You would be wrong....


"The 3pm guided meditation lead by Caroline is the perfect class for lazy Sundays! I decided to attend to try and cultivate some zen before heading home and wrapping up the week and I'm so happy I did! Upon entering the studio I felt immediate reassurance as the atmosphere just felt so calm and inviting. Candles flickered peacefully and the mats were nicely laid out with a very inviting bolster laying down alongside them. Caroline turned on some quiet backgound music and began the class with a guided seated meditation followed by a sequence of the gentlest mat based yoga poses ever which carefully stretched the body and helped focus the mind. This was followed by a couple of long held restorative poses and we then finished the class with a long held savasana. I left feeling incredibly calm and wouldn't hesitate to recommend this class to anyone looking to balance out their weekend"


Mediation and Yoga Nidra - Sunday 3pm - Caroline Druitt

Sweaty - 1

Strength - 1

Mindfulness - 5