Barre: A fun filled dance fitness class class utalising dancers techniques to burn fat, tone and build strength.

Barre Sculpt: A more fitness focused class to shape the body just like a dancers lean and toned muscles.


Combining strength training with toning barre will have you looking sexy and feeling happy in no time.  

Our barre classes are dynamic, working muscle groups to fatigue through a high number of reps.  Set to an upbeat sound track to get your sassy on this class is a dance, yoga, pilates and mindfulness combination that is addictive and highly effective.  

This class uses elements of ballet, Pilates, resistance work, cardio/high intensity intervals and flexibility exercises to strengthen, tone and stretch the body.

Expect to wake up all those small supporting muscles you never knew you had, work your core to the max, tone your arms and legs, and feel the burn in your glutes!

Barre will help you to achieve long, lean muscles, and a flexible, powerful body, and there is a big focus in this class on posture, alignment and correct technique.

This challenging but fun class uses your bodyweight and the suspension straps, and is a highly effective way to work your entire body. 

Great for:

  • flexibility,

  • toning,

  • posture,

  • strength,

  • beginners,

  • cardio,

  • weight loss