Welcome to Studio One!

"My sister and I wanted to start this studio as a lifestyle platform, helping not just to promote but also support a healthy lifestyle. Our dream is to make a healthy lifestyle accessible and convenient, whilst creating a friendly community feel. We both believe in social responsibility and therefore this ethos is central to our company. Not only do we have a charitable promise, but we encourage it in the partners we work with. 

Over the years we have been lucky enough to gain access to some amazing teachers, information, classes and healthy eating suppliers. They literally changed our lives and we hope they will in the least enrich yours.

I am a city worker, new mum and personal trainer. Odd combination I know! I started in banking and quickly got sucked into a negative lifestyle of drinking, staying out late, eating badly and found my health went downhill. I was diagnosed with PCOS, had bad skin, no energy, no time for family and friends, felt very low and made bad decisions as they were made quickly and with a tired brain. I was not the person I wanted to be, or even liked. I started to take control of my life and self by getting a personal trainer about 8 years ago to help me get healthy and from there my interest in health and fitness grew, taking qualifications and now learning how food can heal the body. I tackled my PCOS firstly through drugs and now through diet and exercise managing my symptoms well.

My sister Sarah has also undergone an amazing journey. From party girl with a terrible diet which left her overweight, she overnight decided to take control of her life. Starting with an easy to follow diet she started to learn more about nutrition and weight loss. This has inspired her to change her whole outlook on life, focusing on health and happiness trying new classes and recipes which in turn has led to weight loss and her sexier self both inside and out.

We want Studio One to inspire you to be your best self, in what ever form that may be. We understand the daily stresses and struggles that everyone faces and we want to remove them if we can so you can have time to yourself and achieve your personal goals.

We only have one life, share with us in our dream to be kind to ourselves and unleash our sexier side.”