Yoga Classes

We offer a variety of classes at Studio One in our beautiful and light studio.  All levels are welcome.



We welcome all levels to our classes which are small and supportive.  For those new to yoga we offer a beginners class on a Tuesday at 7:40pm with Olga Berlinskaya.  We also recommend our classes with Caroline Druitt, Victoria Rice and  Kristine Sisask as being particularly beginner friendly.  

Experienced or a Yoga Teacher?

Join Marco Marcari every Thursday at 9am for a challenging class, where not only will you sweat but you will also gain insight into his experience and teachings.  Marco studied yoga with Bryan Kest, Ana Forrest, Erich Schiffmann and Seane Corn.  He introduced Power Yoga to Italy and has over 20 years experience teaching that he shares with students in his classes. 


Sweat and Play

We are always being asked for sweaty yoga classes, nothing too slow.  The reputation that yoga is slow and for those seeking to stretch is so very wrong.  Yoga offers a variety of disciplines from building strength, cardio, toning, flexibility and mindfulness.  Choosing a class and a teacher is a personal affair, which is why we have such a variety.  We offer class reviews to help you pick the best one for you so check out the blog for more information.

Want something sweaty and playful, check out Shaun Mercier or Michael - Celeb George's classes.

Strength and Mindfulness

City life can be challenging both physically and mentally.  Yoga can offer strength, balance and peace to practitioners.  Mindfulness can be restorative and dynamic, depending on your mood you can pick the best class to suit you.

Why not try Quantum Yoga for a dynamic flow that heals and restores.  Roanna Doleman teaches every Thursday at 7:45pm.

Need to calm a busy mind?  Learn the art of mediation and be guided to a state or peace and relaxation by Caroline Druitt every Sunday at 4pm.