Saturday 12th November

Discover the joy of yoga from mastering the perfect chaturanga to awesome ujjayi breathe. This workshop will teach you why we practice yoga, as well as how to practice, opening your heart and mind to the gift that is yoga.

For beginners and those wanting to learn more about this magical practice.

Learn, laugh have fun!


Sunday 20th November

Finding time in a busy modern life can be a challenge.  Knowing what to do when you stop and how to heal can be even more difficult.

This workshop will teach you basic breathing and meditation techniques to de-stress and calm the mind, heal the body and find peace in a hectic world.

Peace, love and smiles!


Sunday 11th December

See the world from another perspective.  Mastering inversions takes mindfulness, strength and passion.  If you want to take your first steps to mastering a headstand or want to progress to mastering a handstand, even develop transitions from inversions this workshop will take you there

Balance, grow and shine!