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Fabulous Magazine - January 2017


Mindful Exercise feature, the benefits for a long-term healthy lifestyle with quotes from Founder Alison Hatcher creator of The Studio One Method, a fusion class incorporating yoga, pilates, boxing, dance cardio and mindfulness.  


Elle Magazine - January 2017


Studio One Islington is featured in Elle UK as a trend in 2017. Check our Method Class, featured in the write up, a fusion of all our disaplines.


Studio One ( in Islington, London, recently launched its signature class 'The Body Method', a combination of boxing, yoga and pilates in a 45-minute workout that ends with an appreciation for what you've achieved, so your mind can reflect before jumping to what you're going to have for dinner.



About Time Magazine - December 2016


I love Christmas. The only thing I love more than Christmas, is the excuse to do a spot of pre-Christmas pampering. Because nothing says ‘festive vibes’ like a sparkly manicure and overly quaffed hair, right? If you’re looking for ways to put a smile on someone’s (read: your own) face, then here’s 5 brilliant ways to improve your week in London. It’s time to balance out all those planned mince pies with a spot of Vinyasa flow...


Women's Health - November 2016


Stress: we're constantly told it's a dirty word. Dare suffer from it and you've failed. Unsurprisingly we now spend our days – particularly those at work, the king of all stress-inducers – safeguarding our mind from this heavy emotion.

Never before has morning meditation (herbal tea in hand); calming lavender desk sprays, angst-defying HIIT lunchtime class and an obsession with feelgood Insta quotes been so run-of-the-mill. 

And then there's the pre-booked evening yoga class expertly timed to your circadian rhythm, naturally, to lull you into the necessary '8 hours'.

Why then, is achieving inner-zen at 11am on a Monday an impossible challenge? Well, let us let you in on something: according to new research by Indiana University a little work stress is good for your health. In fact, compared to those in easier roles, you'll be a third less likely to die early. Though, being in control of your own workflow and having freedom over decisions are key.

We asked five successful women who took their work life into their own hands by founding their own wellness businesses to reveal how they manage job related stress and use it to their advantage.

Featuring our very own Co-Founders.


Women's Health - November 2016


Putting endurance to the test in pursuit of a booty lift

Barre your way to the bum you’ve always wanted at Islington’s Studio One.

Combining dance, pilates, and yoga around a ballet barre, their Booty Barre class promises to put your strength and flexibility to the test. Choreographed to a feel-good soundtrack, you’ll have a workout you won’t quickly forget, which hits all the right spots.



Healthy Living London - October 2016

TRIED & TESTED: Studio One by Eliza Flynn

Islington has a new fitness hub and it’s called Studio One! Situated on Caledonian Road, a short walk from Kings Cross and Highbury & Islington, and a mere few minutes from Caledonian Road overground, it provides a welcome addition with its well thought out facilities and range of fitness sessions.

Part of Studio One’s allure is that since they’re new, they’re open to suggestions, although I feel that with the friendly nature of the team, this will continue even once they’re properly established. It can be a bit squished in the reception especially when several classes start at once but that’s also down to the fact people want to hang out and chat in the reception – something you don’t often see at other studios.

If you’re after intimate quality classes, which feature a wide range of disciplines for all sorts of levels then you can’t go wrong with membership here.

Push PR Blog Post - October 2016

15 minutes with… Studio One Founders, Sarah and Alison Hatcher

Meet the sisters behind Push PR's new lifestyle client

Push is hugely excited to be representing Studio One, an Islington-based studio and lifestyle platform championing great health, community and a killer schedule of classes led by amazing teachers.

We caught up with the Founders, Sarah and Alison Hatcher, to find out more about the business, its mantra and the best classes to get our sweat on.


Women's Health - Where to Work Out This September


“On Mondays Annie Clarke of Mind Body Bowl leads a flow by candle light. It's like a yoga shaped sedative. Bliss.”

Situated in Islington’s Studio One, Candlelit Yoga with Annie Clarke (the mastermind behind one of WH’s fave blogs) is the ultimate way to unwind from the stresses of the week.

Involving meditation, breathing and - of course - candles, you'll be on the route to relaxation in no time.

Try it yourself: For the best deals keep Studio One's 'Flexibility' card topped up with £50


Yoga London - Studio Review October 2016

Studio One was opened in the summer of 2016, so everything from the yoga mats and the Pilates machines to the bathroom fittings, are brand new. The building was a former karaoke bar, dark and dingy. Yet through the vision of Ali and Sarah, sisters and co-founders, they have created a super light and bright space for practicing yoga, and the other disciplines they offer.


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