The alternative Friday night out!

Once a month we offer an alternative to a night on the town.  The last Friday of every month sees us host a fitness party with a theme and our healthy friends.  

Join us for Food, Fitness, Fashion and Fun!


31st March 2017

6:30pm - 9pm

Theme: Beauty

Both inside and out beautiful people attractive us for their presence.  

You will be welcomed into a natural nature inspired sanctary designed to inspire beauty from the inside out.  Think nutrition, natural hair and skincare plus a beautiful fitness class to tone whilst providing clarity of thought. Oh and there will probably be some facial glitter involved.

Glow, Sweat and Glitter

FitFriday Website.jpg

28th April 2017

6:30pm - 9pm

Theme: Happiness

Happiness is a choice and we need to embrace it.  

Understanding what makes us happy, embracing it and taking control can enable a true sense of purpose and excitement to life.  We want to promote that around spring time to help give the tools to happiness.

Think vision boards, empowerment, happiness tools and of course cake!

Laugh, Learn, Smile.